Monday, September 06, 2004


I promised not to post a lot about the weather, but today's warrants its own post.

At midday it was 104 degrees, with a dewpoint of 81. For the weather illiterate, that means that at around 81 degrees, the moisture in the air would condense into fog. I don't know how things are were you live, but where I come from we don't see too many foggy days in the low 80s. Given the forecast low, a foggy low 80s night might be in store for us here.

In other words, it felt like a sauna today, and the glaring sun didn't help. I really picked the wrong day to walk from one end of the base to the other several times... Good thing I was there to do laundry.

All of this will mean nothing to most readers. Most of you have no experience with this combination of heat and humidity. It's impossible to imagine if you haven't felt it. Sort of like describing ice to a remote Amazon tribe. They simply can't understand.

But believe me, it's awful. And it's going to stay this way for a few more days at least. I can't wait. Just when I think I'm getting used to the heat, nature throws in a new wrinkle to make it feel even worse.
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