Friday, October 22, 2004

Limitless idiocy 

I meant to post this the other day but I was too wrapped up in the ALCS and I forgot.

It's a letter to the editor from my local newspaper. If you have any clue what this guy is talking about, please let me know.

Bush denigrates French

More voices should be raised in protest at the way that President Bush uses the word “French.” I come from a Franco-American family. My grandmother spoke French and so do I.

Why doesn’t the president use the same denigrating tones and sneers using words like “Spanish,” or “Hispanic,” or “Latino”? He can’t — yet.

However, if he could, how long before he starts edging into more obvious racism? It seems he is continuously testing the waters of American awareness by calling on the darker angels of our nature.

There is the story that during the Hundred Years War between England and France, an entertainer and his monkey came to an English village. The villagers hung the monkey because they thought he was a Frenchman.

The way he speaks about another culture, Bush would be right at home in that village in those times. Which reminds me of a campaign button about a village idiot who needs to be sent home.

Paul du Houx
Seriously... What. The. (Fill in the blank...) is this guy talking about? I can't even fabricate a logical explanation for this letter ever being written. Is it just me or are people as a whole becoming increasingly stupid in the last couple years or so?

For the record, I speak French. I studied it from 7th grade through to a minor in college. I've visited France several times and have dear friends over there. And this letter's main assertion absolutely mystifies me in its sheer absurdity. I have heard nothing abnormal in the way Bush "uses the word 'French.'" Ever. Not a hint.

Paul du Houx of Solon, Maine hears denigrating tones and sneers??? He might just be all alone here, because this is a fresh Bush complaint for me, and I've heard all the big groupthink ones before. Did it ever occur to this man that the reason he believes that "more voices should be raised in protest" is that his is the only voice anyone has ever heard raising this concern?

Look, people are free to hold any point of view. But good God... they should at least pass the I'm-not-a-raving-lunatic test.

People like Paul du Houx vote! And that scares me! Because they make their choices for irrational, off-the-deep-end reasons. Maybe the raving lunatics cancel each other out across the political divide. I'd like to think that. But it seems like starting in 1992, the opponents of the president, whoever held the office at the time, have become increasingly nuts at the fringes. You know... Vince Foster... Ron Brown... Mena... 2000 election (the definite departure point of many minds from reality)... LIHOP... MIHOP... Fahrenheit 9/11... Draft scares... Rational thought has been on a downward trend for 12 years. In each of the last three elections (and this one, the fourth), the opposition fringe has grown. Every time I think I've seen and heard it all, some new outrageous idea is born and latched onto by every wingnut who hears it. It's gotten to the point that almost nothing surprises me any more. People will believe anything about someone they oppose politically.

So why did that letter surprise me and prompt my first non-baseball, non-Bahrain post in quite some time? Beats me. Maybe because of my own affinity for the French. (The people--not to be confused with the utterly confusing government of Darfur apologists, Rwandan genocide enablers, and Muslim-oppressing veil prohibiters.) Because of that affinity for the French people, I would have noticed if anything Mr. Du Houx rails about had actually happened.

It simply isn't there except in Paul du Houx's mind. Wedged in tightly between "Bush wore a wire at the debate" and "Bush is going to attack Iran next week," no doubt.
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