Saturday, October 23, 2004

Win it. 

Win it for Ted.

Win it for Dom.

Win it for Bobby.

And win it for Pesky.

Win it for Tony C.

And for Yaz.

Win it for Bill Lee, too.

Win it for Jim Rice.

Win it, even for Buckner. Win it.

Win it for Lib Dooley, who died in 2000 having sat in the same Fenway seat through thousands of games, but not one World Series win.

Win it for my friend Joy's grandfather and everyone who never saw them win it all.

Win it for the faithful fans, who don't want to join their ranks.

Most of all, win it for each other. You've shared a season. 162 grueling games. Countless thousands of miles in planes or buses. You've clowned around in the clubhouse, and sometimes on the field. You've put it all on the line, together. You've fought and bled so your teammates could have a shot. Keep it going.

You've won seven postseason games.

Four to go.

Win it.
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