Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Big changes in Sudan 

The good news: The Khartoum government has reached an agreement with rebels in Darfur which could lead to the disarming of the Janjaweed militias. The militias have been conducting attacks in Darfur, killing tens of thousands and forcing millions to flee as refugees.

The bad news: The government is picking up the slack and the UN isn't doing anything about it.

Sudanese security forces have again stormed a refugee camp in the troubled region of Darfur and attacked crowds.

Police fired tear gas and assaulted residents at El-Geer camp near Nyala, just hours before the UN's Sudan envoy arrived at the settlement...

The police showed open contempt for UN officials when they arrived.
Can't imagine why.

African Union peacekeepers at the camp said they did not have power or mandate to intervene, our correspondent adds.
We certainly should not ask a UN-sponsored force to actually do something. After all, the sheer moral weight of their presence can do the job!

The raid took place a day after the Sudanese government and the rebels signed what has been described as a breakthrough agreement aimed at ending the crisis.
Some breakthrough. This is not going to stop until someone brings heavy firepower to bear on the government. Sad to say it, but at this point it looks like little else is going to work.
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