Saturday, September 18, 2004

Out and about 

So, I wasn't healthy on my one day off last week, so I didn't really do much. Today was different. I had a day off AND I'm feeling well, so off I went to explore. My first stop was at the Bahrain Fort, followed by the Arad Fort and the Beit Al Qu'ran. I poked around the Bahrain Fort for a while and took some pics. The Arad Fort, due to the hopelessly non-uniform opening hours of places in this country, was closed. The Beit Al Qu'ran was open, but no photography is allowed. Oh, how I wish that were not so! It's a crying shame that I can't share what I saw there. Some of the museum pieces make the Book of Kells look like children's doodling. I could easily have burned up half of my camera's memory card. I'll fill you in later, but I have higher priorities right now. Food and then the Red Sox game. I don't know what can be more important than those things.

Pics (of the Bahrain Fort only) and commentary will be posted tonight, or possibly tomorrow evening. (Mid-day timeframe on the US east coast.)

Chan'ad, if you happen to come back here (or anyone else who can answer), is the Muharraq souq worth a visit? How does it compare to the Manama souq in terms of the look and the feel of the place? Email me by clicking on the link to the right.
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