Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Admin notes 

Wow... So I've been busy and haven't posted in a while. You know how the holidays are. On the heels of the New Year came a bit of a medical emergency for my father. A heart attack, followed by quadruple bypass surgery. It was successful and he's doing great, coming home tomorrow. But that has, obviously, eaten up a lot of my time.

And now something else will be eating up my time. I'm about to be ordered to a couple months of active duty to assist U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) with the military's earthquake/tsunami relief effort. I won't be in the action, but rather in Pearl Harbor helping with the coordination and planning of the whole thing. I've been paying close attention to the great tragedy in south Asia, and when I received a call for volunteers in my inbox, I had to reply. I have the skills PACOM is looking for, so it was a no-brainer. Hopefully I'll be able to do my small part to help out.

It will be nice to be in Hawaii in the winter, of course, but I actually had a bunch of winter plans here in Maine like skiing, hiking, camping... so I'll miss that. Oh well, there's always next winter. The people of Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. can't wait for help. And while my presence isn't likely to impact them on an individual level, it will at least reduce the burden on the overworked active duty staff at PACOM. And if someone has more time to devote to relief planning, and more time to rest and stay focused, then maybe the end product will be more effective. I just want to do my part, that's all.

I'll post more here as I am able.
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