Sunday, January 16, 2005

Peyton don't do cold 

I said it last year, and I was right. Now, I'm starting to take it as a matter of faith. Peyton Manning simply can't handle cold and snow.

His passer rating in today's game at New England was lower than the season average for 30 of his fellow quarterbacks. Josh McCown and Patrick Ramsey did better, on average, than Manning did today.

Look, it's nothing against the guy. He grew up in Louisiana, he went to college in Tennessee, and he plays his home games in a comfy dome. He's simply not used to playing in the cold.

Today was the fourth time in his pro career that Manning has played a game in below freezing temperatures. He's 1-3 in those four games, and the one win was against a weak Denver team recovering from the loss of Elway.

He's winless in the snow.

As great as this year was for Manning, as unmatched as his stats were... I simply can't call a guy a great quarterback if he consistently chokes in the postseason, regardless of the weather. Sorry, Peyton.

And by the way, New England owns you, man.
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