Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Slow on the uptake 

The MSM still hasn't conclusively determined that the "soldier" abducted in Iraq is actually a doll.

Links: BBC, AP, Reuters, LA Times.

Look at the pictures! Compare the toy's gear to what actual U.S. soldiers wear and carry! This isn't hard, people!

I sometimes think that every MSM outlet needs at least one person from the military hanging around to help them with basic stuff like this. Someone to tell them, "Guys, we don't wear vests like that," or "We tuck our pants in," or "Iraqi insurgents don't carry the M-4," or (saw this on my local news last week), "The guy with 4 stars on his shoulder and a nametag reading 'ABIZAID' is not Gen. David Petraeus like your banner says."

Honestly, why is it so hard for them?
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