Saturday, March 12, 2005

Because he said so 

Will the committed internationalist set (EU, UN) ever learn the lesson that you can't take a dictator at his word? The two posts below illustrate that the EU doesn't get it, and this does the same for the UN.

DAMASCUS, Syria - President Bashar Assad reiterated his commitment to withdrawing all Syrian troops and intelligence agents from Lebanon, a U.N. envoy said Saturday, adding he would present a timetable for the pullout at the United Nations (news - web sites) next week...

Roed-Larsen said the meeting was "very constructive" and he was "much encouraged by President Assad's commitment to the full implementation" of the U.N. Security Council resolution calling for Syria's immediate withdrawal from Lebanon.
Well, that settles it! Call off the protests and go home, people of Beirut. Assad is committed to granting you your wish.

Get ready for the inevitable shock and dismay from Roed-Larsen and others at the UN when Syrian troops remain in Lebanon. How could a dictator not be an honest man?

UPDATE: New Sisyphus has a different view. Is the UN singing the administration's tune?
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